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Water, the Best Beverage…

“In health and in sickness, PURE WATER is one of heaven’s choicest blessings. Its proper use promotes health. It is the beverage which God provided to quench the thirst of animals and man. Drunk freely, it helps to supply the necessities of the system, and assist nature to resist disease.”

E.G. White, Counsels on Diet & Foods 419

“Do all in your power to secure the best possible PURE WATER for your family, free from additives and impurities. City water today is no longer pure, but treated with Chlorine, Fluorine, Iodine, Softeners, and other inorganic chemicals for protection against disease.

A wealth of information has been published on the benefits of drinking water. Water plays a vital role in all of our bodily functions and is rated second to oxygen as essential for life. Thirst signals the body’s need for water, however many do not realize a dehydrated body craves fluid before thirst occurs, and we need about eight 8 oz. glasses each day. On the average, each day we lose one and a half cups through the skin, and four cups through the kidneys.

Water, the Best Beverage

Drink freely of pure soft water on arising and between the meals. One or two glasses (preferably hot) in the morning, with fresh squeezed lemon, is an excellent way to start. At mealtime, our food should not be washed down by diluting with water. Water taken with the meal hinders the flow of the salivary glands, and makes the food more difficult to digest; for the liquid must first be absorbed.

Pure water, juices, and other healthful beverages may be taken a short while before the meal or in the evening for a light supper. Nourishing and healthful drinks may be made with simple combinations of natural foods. …”

Excerpt from the Ten Talents Vegetarian Cookbook p. 86

There are many refreshing beverages, fruit drinks, delicious smoothies, tasty vegetable juices, herb teas, nut/seed/soymilk, and nutritious chocolate and coffee substitutes and can be made. In our Recipes section, we will try to share some with you. In time, you may be able to invent your own. Please do share with us in the comments below what you have created, we would love to see!

For firsts, we will share one right here.

Tangerine Orange Grape Quencher

2 cups fresh or frozen orange juice

1 cup white grape juice

1 cup frozen or fresh tangerine juice

1 cup water + 1/2 tsp. lemon zest

Blend together until smooth. Serve at room temperature.

Ten Talents Vegetarian Cookbook p. 87

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