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La Canasta De Vida Continues

Dear friends, do you want to know why the Canasta de Vida Restaurant continues? It’s because of a promise found in God’s Word. “Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

The ones that have kept the restaurant going have been our M.I.C.E. Remember them? They are the village children of La Zona that were educated and trained for service. “True education is missionary training… We are called to the service of God and our fellow men and to fit us for this service should be the object of our education.” MH p. 395

Back in 2003 we read quotations such as these and decided that the children needed to be educated and taught to develop all their faculties for God. We wanted them to become useful, self-sufficient, independent, and self-supporting, using all their talents for the service of God and the benefit of humanity.

Who would have thought that all those practical and fun classes they enjoyed as children would one day be used in a restaurant for God? Rene, who was baptized at the age of 8, has been managing the restaurant for the past three years. Because of his determination to serve the people, he persevered and kept the restaurant open.

The main cook is Dinora, his sister. All those skills they were taught as children they are now using to serve in God’s vineyard, but also to make a living. And Jorge used the building skills he acquired as a student at Maranatha Institute of Christian Education (M.I.C.E.) to help remodel the restaurant.

So, you see friends, our labor has not been in vain. Your prayers and support for the M.I.C.E. have brought forth fruit. All praise be to God! Rene will soon be leaving us to further his education, please pray for him. I will continue to keep you posted to God’s leadings.

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