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I was Sick and You Visited Me

Nothing will give greater spiritual strength and a greater increase of earnestness and depth of feeling, than visiting and ministering to the sick and the desponding, helping them to see the light and to fasten their faith upon Jesus.

Testmonies for the Church 4:75,76

The La Zona church has made it a regular matter to go visit the sick at the hospital every month, because when we go we see such need. There are lonely, troubled people. Not only are they hurting physically, but they are discouraged and without hope.

Visiting the Sick

The hours so often spent in amusement that refreshes neither body nor soul should be spent in visiting the poor, the sick, and the suffering, or in seeking to help someone who is in need.

2TT 514

In one of our visits to the hospital, the ladies realized that there were mothers who had delivered babies with health problems which required them to stay at the hospital for indefinite periods of time.

Mother and Newborn

Many of these mothers are from far away villages and are there by themselves, without money and without food… And the hospital does not provide food for them.

As a result, the church has placed a special basket for offering for these needy mothers. Three times a week, different ones volunteer to make healthy lunches and snacks for these mothers, who are there to breastfeed their babies.

Sharing Food

You should see how happy and thankful they are to receive something good to eat, and at the same time open up their hearts to share their burdens.

Oh, there is so much need.

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