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Greetings — November 2023

Dear MMM Friends & Family,

We truly thank God upon every remembrance of you. We pray that all of us may be heeding the admonition that Jesus gave us in Mark 13:37, to watch and pray. Inspiration tells us “I appeal to the members of our churches not to disregard the fulfilling of the signs of the times, which say so plainly that the end is near… Now is the time to watch and pray to put away all self indulgence, all pride, all selfishness.

The precious moments that are now by many, worse than wasted, should be spent in meditation and prayer. Many of those who profess to be keeping the commandments of God are following inclination instead of duty. The signs in the religious, political, and social world tell us that many never before seen changes are taking place, and they are taking place rapidly.

Dear friends, we understand that these are challenging times for God’s people. This waiting period brings with it anxious expectations, and every decision and plan must be weighed and done according to God’s direction. We cannot afford to make mistakes at this stage of Earth’s history. It is vital that we pray for one another. The days, weeks, and months seem to pass by like the pages of a book. And truly, only what we have done for God in the person of the poor, the needy, the heartbroken, and the captives will matter in the end.

Therefore, we encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus, share God’s love and truth with everyone around you, and remember that service is happiness! We pray that this newsletter will be a source of inspiration, and that you will know that you have a part in the work that is being done here in Honduras.

The picture on the right is from one of the many home visits that we do on a weekly basis. Don Adolfo is an older gentleman who suffers from stasis ulcers. In my research, I discovered that one of the
most effective treatments is an Unna boot, which is made using Zinc Oxide, Calamine lotion, and Glycerin. Thanks to the Lord, it is helping Don Adolfo.

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