2023 Newsletter,  Medical Work

A Blessed Work

“We are to learn from Christ the science of soul saving. He is the mighty healer. In our work of preaching the gospel, we are to establish small sanitariums in many places. … Those from higher walks of life will come to our sanitariums for treatment, and when they go away, they will tell others of the benefits they have received. Thus, others will be induced to go. It is God’s design that our sanitariums shall act an important part in giving the message of Christ’s soon coming.”

Letter92, 1902

Friends, this is exactly what happens here. We did not set out to open up a sanitarium, we have never publicized, we simply have been here to help people with their health needs. When they come for treatments, they experience the love of God and His power to heal body and soul through simple means. They not only hear but experience the everlasting gospel. They go back and tell others, and that’s how we are kept so busy. They understand that there are no doctors or nurses here, that we are simply God’s helping hands, and He does the healing. Praise the Lord!!

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