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My Experience… Why Do I Keep Coming Back?


FOREWORD by Elsa Willis: Dear friends, I thought I would start a new feature, that of sharing with you some of the thoughts and experiences of those who have visited and volunteered their time and talents here in Honduras over the years. M.M.M. has had many special volunteers over the years, but none like Ms. Kathy, as she is called here in La Zona, where she is well known and loved by the people. She has been a faithful friend and supporter of M.M.M from the beginning. These were the words she wrote in her last visit here.

After my last trip to Honduras in 2013, I figured due to my age it would probably be my last one. But, five years later, here I am once again at Maranatha Medical Ministries (M.M.M.). What draws me here? I wonder. It certainly can’t be the cold showers, the scorpions, or the bad insect bites. Nor is it dealing with the airports or the terrible roads. So, WHAT draws me?

Maybe it’s the little lights that have risen and are shining so bright when Satan has worked so hard to keep this place in darkness. Maybe it’s the little church where people must walk up that mountain road to get there, regardless of weather or “road conditions.” Could it be the Friday night, Sabbath day, evening worship services, and Wednesday prayer meetings? Perhaps it is the song services. I love their singing and the reverence that is felt in the sanctuary. Do I come here for the church’s various outreach activities, in which most of the members participate — doing Bible studies, visits to the hospital, nursing home, home visitation to the sick, and other needs that arise.

I wonder, is the draw to return for some of the young kids I met in 2003, who later attended the M.M.M school. Some of which walked a different path, but remembering all the things they learned, have come back and are now strong in the faith. For example, Jorge, who is back attending the church meetings, participating in the church outreach. Who, when he stands and gives a personal testimony (although I don’t understand his words), I know it is sincerely coming from deep in his heart.

Is it learning what true service means? After a busy day and finally heading home up the mountain, and then having the need to stop and do a treatment on someone’s foot. This foot belongs to a person, who for many years was more an enemy then a friend. I see how tenderly that treatment is done. Then it’s time to check on someone else, including sometimes doing in-home Bible studies for one or more people.

Finally, we do get home by 7:30 or 8: 00 P.M., but we don’t stay up too late. Yet it seems almost impossible to keep a schedule. No one knows when the needs of the people require attention, or what problems may occur with the various facets of the ministry, or when breakdowns will happen.

The day starts early to make the necessary time with God for strength and encouragement for the day. Worship is at 5:30 A.M. and you need to have had your own private devotions before that. Maybe, is it seeing how the perplexities and problems that occur day and night are handled? Some of these perplexities and problems come from within and without. There are those who do not appreciate the work and the impact this truth is having on this village and surrounding mountain villages.

Is it seeing how the importance of a continuous connection with heaven helps us to be able to perform His work? Could it also be seeing my own failings and the character changes that are needed in me? I believe that probably, it’s all of the above.

It is the multitude of blessings I receive that brings me back. In the book, Education page 14, which I am reading for the first time, I came across a statement that does address some of my reason for being drawn to this outpost located in this poor mountain village of La Zona.

“Loves agencies have wonderful power, for they are divine. The soft answer that “turneth away wrath,” the love that “suffereth long, and is kind,” the charity that “covereth a multitude of sins” — Would we learn the lesson, with what power for healing would our lives be gifted! How life would be transformed and the earth become a likeness and foretaste of heaven!

Will I come back again? I wonder!

Miss Kathy

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