2018 Newsletter

Wishing You a Blessed New Year!

Dear M.M.M. Friends and Family,

The year 2018 is about to enter and as I look back, I think of so many loved ones we’ve lost, yet are sleeping in Christ our Lord. But, most importantly, I think of all that God has done for and through this ministry…

Friends it has been exactly 19 years since we first came to Honduras and began our missionary ministry.

We came here in November of 1998, saw the need and the opportunity to serve, and just look at what God has done.

There is a modest Church School for our children, a Sanitarium Clinic for all to come who are sick and in need of natural physical and spiritual healing. God has allowed us to build a beautiful House of Prayer, which has led to 8 different Baptisms through the years, and these baptisms have led to yet another House of Prayer constructed in another mountain village.

I think of La Canasta de Vida Restaurant, which when opened, many thought it would never last, because it is one of the only truly fully vegetarian (i.e. vegan) restaurants (if not the only one) in all of Honduras. Yet, it is thriving with dozens of patrons who have learned and experienced a healthy way of eating and living.

We cannot forget about all of the young people and volunteers who have come to our clinic for training in medical missionary work, and many who have gone on to establish their own ministry and work for the Lord.

Yes dear friends, there have been many wonderful experiences, and even miracles, we’ve had over the years.

I know that Joe will never forget our experience of “Boulders To Cotton balls”… What a miracle that was.

Yes, we have had many trying and discouraging experiences as well, but God has been faithful to see us through each and every one… enabling us to depend upon Him more and more and strengthening our faith and trust in Him alone.

Friends, as we move forward into this new year, let us never forget all that God has done for us. Remember, we have nothing to fear of the future, except we forget how God has led us in the past. Let us move forward in 2018, determined to serve our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, with all of our mind, soul and strength.

We thank our faithful M.M.M. family for their many years of prayers and support. Look up and rejoice dear friends, and see what God has used you to do through your support of this ministry. May God bless each and everyone of you as we enter this New Year.

We love you and pray for you. May you be blessed as you see the faces of those that we minister to and all that has been accomplished.

God is a faithful God, and all that we have set to do, He has made it to prosper.

How has your heavenly Father come through for you last year? Please do share if you care, in a comment below. Thank you!

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