2018 Newsletter,  Ministry Matters

Ministry Matters – December 2018

Dear M.M.M. family, how I wish I could visit each one of you personally to thank you for all your prayers and support. You are truly a part of this ministry.

  • God gave me the opportunity to stop by and visit one of His servants, Marion Calhoun, who has been a faithfulmatters-1 supporter for years. May the Lord continue to bless you, Marion. Love and prayers always!
  • M.I.C.E is still in need of a consecrated teacher for the up coming school year.
  • If any of our M.M.M. family has building skills, carpentry, painting, mechanics, agriculture, massage, etc… and would like to spend a couple of weeks here in the mission field, sharing those skills with our young people, we would be happy to have you come and be an M.M.M. volunteer.
  • Pray with me, dear M.M.M. family, for the Lord to direct this ministry according to His will in this upcoming new year.

Please feel free to leave your questions or comments below, or contact us privately through our Contact Us tab in the above menu. Thank you and God bless you!

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