2019 Newsletter,  Prayer Corner

Prayer Corner – September 2019

Let us pray for one another.

  • Danelia and her little girls in the loss of her husband
  • All the patients that have been treated at the outpost
  • Gayle Johnson and family
  • Strength for Marion Calhoun in the loss of her loved one
  • Joe, Joe Jr., and his brother Danny
  • My family in Colombia
  • The work being done in the village of San Manuel
  • God’s people around the world, that we may be prepared to stand

♥ If any of these prayer requests are answered, we would love to know. If you don’t mind, please share on how it was answered in a comment below.
♥ If you have any prayer requests/praises you’d like to share, you can leave them in the comment section below or message it to us and we will publish them at a later date.
♥ Thank you for your prayers and support. They are much needed and very much appreciated. God bless!

Pray Without Ceasing!

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