2018 Newsletter,  Ministry Matters

Ministry Matters – May 2018

Dear M.M.M. family,

Thank you for all your prayers and support. We want you to know that we were able to finish the small cabin we had started. It now serves as housing for our volunteers, Johanna and Ariel. They are thrilled with it.mm-may-18-1


  • If any of our M.M.M. family have building skills, carpentry, painting, mechanics, agriculture, massage etc., and would like to spend a couple of weeks here in the mission field sharing those skills with our young people, we would be happy to have you come and be an M.M.M. volunteer.

I’ve held out for so long not wanting to put electricity here at the outpost, but I’m feeling obligated, because of the patients that come for treatments, and also the need to build a cold room — to store the produce that we pack for the market. The summer sun here is almost unbearable.

I want to thank God for answering prayer, and touching the heart of my Sister Charienna, who is willing to work on our website. It is still under construction, but visit us at — www.maranathamedicalministries.org.

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