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Medical Sanitarium Work

“In our sanitariums there is need of workers with the highest capabilities in order that souls may be influenced to accept Christ as their Saviour. It is not by urging upon sickly men and women the doctrines of our faith, but by learning of Christ from His word and revealing His teachings in the daily life, that the workers in our sanitariums will minister successfully to souls and render acceptable service to Christ.”

Kady, receiving clay and charcoal treatment.
Kady, enjoying her meal.

This is Kady, one of our littlest patients. She is getting her clay and charcoal treatment; but then she gets to enjoy a healthy lunch, which she surely enjoyed. She was healed of her skin problems and anemia.

“There are many places that need gospel medical missionary work, and there small plants should be established. God designs that our sanitariums shall be a means of reaching high and low, rich and poor. They are to be so conducted that by their work attention may be called to the message God has sent to the world.”{ CCh 309.3; CPI.561.3 }

medical-sanitarium-work-1In this past year we’ve had an influx of patients. Young and old, rich and poor. But all with the same needs… physical and spiritual healing. The photo below are of three ladies who came from the city of Siguatapeque. One is a lawyer, another one a doctor with liver cancer, and the other, a psychologist.

By word of mouth, they heard about this clinic in the mountains. So, medical-sanitarium-work-4the three decided to come for treatments. To be honest, we had been used to caring for the poor in the mountains… not thinking about beautifying things at the clinic. But since these professional women came here, we saw the need to make some beautification changes.

The ladies were very appreciative of the treatments they received and even recommended that their friend come and experience the blessings of natural treatments. Before leaving, they experienced a “special” Sabbath. We have been working with the poor children in the village of Los Cerritos, and that Sabbath the children came to church and also came up to the outpost for lunch.

medical-sanitarium-work-5I know it was a sight that pleased God. Here were these well to do professional ladies eating at the same table with poor unfortunate children. This table reminded me of what the welcomed table in heaven will be like. People will come from all nations and backgrounds, but all will be equal. They will be the redeemed of the Lord.

“Our sanitariums are one of the most successful means of reaching all classes of people. Christ is no longer in this world in person, to go through our cities and towns and villages healing the sick. He has commissioned us to carry forward the medical missionary work that He began, and in this work we are to do our very best. Institutions for the care of the sick are to be established, where men and women may be placed under the care of God-fearing medical missionaries and be treated without drugs. To these institutions will come those who have brought disease on themselves by improper habits of eating and drinking. These are to be taught the principles of healthful living.” { CH 212.1 }


If you have any questions or comments, please do let us know in a comment below. God bless you!



  • Gomer Magtibay

    Hello, thanks for posting this article. I hope this reach talented individuals around the world who are seeking new challenges serving in the medical field. I admire the cause of your organization, and let us pray that our Lord continually bless the organization more, for the advancement of His work.

    May I ask, is this connected with the Seventh-Day Adventists? And with regard to the workers needed, what specific professionals are needed right now, and where can they apply for the job? Are they accepting international applicants?

    • Elsa Willis

      Dear Gomer, 

      Thank you for your comments and for your interest in the work that is being done here in Honduras.

      We are Seventh Day Adventist, but this is a personal work that God placed on our hearts to do. We are not a large ministry or organization, but God has helped us to accomplish much. I would call it a mom and pop ministry.

      If someone is truly interested in serving others, they may contact me through e-mail or phone. Our needs vary according to the volunteers that are available at the time. 

      I hope this answers your questions.


      Elsa Willis
      Maranatha Medical Ministries
      Cell No. 504 9563 7917

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