2019 Newsletter,  Evangelism

Evangelistic Meeting 2019

This year, we invited a dear family from Ecuador to come and share their experience in home school with our families here in La Zona.

The father, brother Gustavo, also had experience in giving Revelation seminars, so we decided to combine with Reach International in the town of Santa Barbara and use their large auditorium for a Prophecy seminar.

We invited all our former patients and restaurant customers to attend. We also wanted all our church members to attend so we decided to rent the same bus we used last year for “Batallas de Fe”.

A Full Bus

Well, dear friends, I never imagined that the bus plus four other pick up trucks would get filled up night after night to attend the seminar. It was a joy to see the people be excited to come night after night. It also showed us that people are hungry to hear the word of God, and people have confidence and interest in the truths we teach.

Hungry for the Word of God

It was truly a blessed experience and worth every effort. Our young people were also able to participate and be involved in the program; using their musical skills. It was a success!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thank you!

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