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Evangelism in La Zona

“We see the state of the world and we see Bible prophecy being fulfilled. Plans should be laid for earnest, persevering effort in the Master’s service. There is much to be done to advance the work of God and a short time to do it. For Christ’s sake, my brethren and sisters, make the most of the hours of the new year to place the precious light of present truth before the people. The Angel of the covenant is empowering His servants to carry the truth to all parts of the world. He has sent forth His angels with the message of mercy; but, as if they did not speed on their way fast enough to satisfy His heart of yearning love, He lays on every member of His church the responsibility of proclaiming this message. ‘Let him that heareth say, “Come.”‘ Every member of the church is to show his loyalty by inviting the thirsty to drink of the water of life. A chain of living witnesses is to carry the invitation to the world. Will you act your part in this great work?”

{CM 18.1}

Early this year we made plans for an outdoor evangelistic campaign. I don’t know about you friends, but I get very excited about tent meetings. It was in an outdoor tent meeting that I took my stand for the Lord. So, as I got excited, the young people in the church got excited.

The Lord impressed me to ask the most unlikely person in the village to see if we could use his very nice, well-kept field — and to everyone’s surprise he agreed to let us use it. Well, this inspired the young men even more. They knew it had to be God that had touched the man’s heart… His name is Miguel, keep him in your prayers.

Jorge and the boys began their search for tarps, poles and all that they needed to get that tent set up for the meetings. All this caused excitement in the village, and everyone we invited said that they would come. Opening night came, and sure enough the people came and the hundred chairs that had been set up began to fill. The theme song had been chosen, “Jesus is Coming Again”. A health nugget was given every night and also some literature.

Night after night the people heard the truths from God’s word. And the wonderful thing about tent meetings is that people that would never go to a church will come to an outdoor meeting, even if it’s out of curiosity, but they end up hearing God’s word. We held the meetings for two weeks and I think the people would have kept coming for longer.

The Lord blessed and it was a success. It really is exciting to see the people come out night after night and see the interest in their faces. Another important work is the follow up after these meetings. Yes, the church is left with a lot of work, a lot of follow up work — so we each have two, three, and some even four Bible studies a week. Praise the Lord!

“Evangelistic work, opening the scriptures to others, warning men and women of what is coming upon the world, is to occupy more and still more of the time of God’s servants.”

RH August 2, 1906

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